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Redesign in progress

I announced on twitter a couple of days ago that I went a bit rogue on my blog. I removed all the CSS after converting it from Jekyll to Eleventy and I want a brand new design for it. The trouble is I'm not a designer.

It doesn't help that I have an irrational hate for white backgrounds. I was just now looking up on Pinterest for some inspiration when I realised that I wasn't looking at "blog designs". I was looking at notebooks. When I want to think about my blog, I look at everything but web design. In fact, my previous blog design, was inspired by a scrapbook pin. This tiny fact was actually buried in my memory because only just now I re-visited my saved pins.

There are rare moments where I see something, like a painting or a concert and I immediately think: "how can I make my blog look like that?" and it isn't even... a web medium thing!

I've added a tiny bar at the top of the website to let people know that this is a very raw redesign and it might take a while. I'm sure my blog looks much better in an RSS reader. I've also reduced the size of the main image so that a cat bum isn't the first thing people see.

I'm still working out how it will look like. And then I will make it super IndieWeb! Until there, I will vent in my workplace slack channel about how much all I want is a pretty blog.

Screenshot of two of the 71 times I mentioned in slack that I want a pretty blog.

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  • Thinking: I'm shocked that my £3 solar powered outside lamp from Tiger stopped working because of the rain.
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