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Photo of Ana taken by a professional.
Me in social media.
Self portrait in front of a mirror with messy hair and comfortable clothes.
Me working from home.

I was born in Portugal until my adulthood. I started developing for the web over 10 years ago, as a hobby, because I wanted to create fan sites about my favourite music artists.

When I turned 17 I realised I had no other skills in life other than creating websites but I was still a very curious person and tried to be creative all the time.

With that in mind I decided to study design, photography and video in university and have a bachelor's degree in multimedia. By the end of my studies I realised that I wanted to work in web development. I've been working as a front end developer since the end of 2012.

As much as I love what I do, I am also interested in other topics. So if you bump into me at events feel free to chat to me about: ethics, IndieWeb, sustainability, plants, cooking, privacy, cats, memes, DIY, films, travel, dreams and skin care.

I currently live in London with my husband and my cat.

How to pronounce Rodrigues?

I'm okay with people using a Spanish pronunciation but in reality it sounds more like roo-dree-guhsh.


If you have a project that needs a frontend developer, please contact Hactar.

For everything else, you can reach out to me by emailing me. This email is a forwarder and my reply will come from another email, so please check your spam folder just in case.

I'm also on:

My username isn't very creative so there may be accounts in random websites that will have the same username but it isn't me.

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