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IndieWebCamp London

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been helping out Cheuk and Calum organise IndieWebCamp London and all the excitement has been building up now that we’re approaching the date of the event.

Similar to other IndieWebCamps, we’ll start off the day with breakfast, intros and keynotes followed by planning our day in a BarCamp-like environment.

Everyone is encouraged to bring up topics and participate in the discussions. With a barcamp on day one, we’ll have the second day to build things. At the time of writing, there will be a keynote from Kevin Feeney and the schedule for the weekend is available on the event page.

I attended my first IndieWebCamp in 2018 and I’m pretty stoked to be contributing to a community that means a lot to me. I’m really hoping that at least someone goes home feeling excited about building things for themselves, similar to how I felt.

So, do you have a personal website to work on? Or do you want to start one? There’s still time to register and join us on the 14th of March.

Not convinced?

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