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Bookmarks of the rest of 2019

My last bookmark post was in July 2019 and that is quite telling of how things didn't go so well last year for me. At the time, I told myself that I would try to do a bookmark post every month and it all came crashing down around that time. It was in September that I think that I officially burned out. So actually, this will not be a very long collection: I wasn't browsing or reading much and I spent a lot of time offline.

Bookmarks from August to December 2019

Web development/tech related content

Not exactly web development related


Funny or cute or happy or uplifting content etc.

Made me think

Content warning: This section might include tweets that aren't uplifting and happy but rather thoughts that stayed with me.

  • Mood: Overwhelmed 😔
  • Doing: At Homebrew Website Club
  • Thinking: I have so many thoughts all racing at once after a therapy session that it makes everything harder.
  • Listening: Nothing breaks like a heart by Mark Ronson

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