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Autonomy Online: A Case For The IndieWeb on Smashing Magazine

Last week my article for Smashing Magazine went live! I was quite nervous and anxious but... so far nobody yelled at me - which is good! It was my first ever experience writing something slightly serious and going through an editing process.

Screenshot of my article at Smashing Magazine's website

I really want to be proud of myself: I wrote something in my second language and during a pandemic. I cried a few times because I felt like I couldn't do it but I... pushed through it. I read it so many times that I hated it at some point. Other times I read it and I thought "nice one Ana". Most times, I was so anxious about misrepresenting the IndieWeb community.

I accidentally may have sparked some discussion due to a couple of things I said - especially around identity.

I didn’t realize until this point how much it made sense to have a “one true version” of yourself online

Everything I wrote was based on me, my interpretation, my experience and how I wish to express myself ✨ on the internet ✨. The community welcomes anything one chooses to represent themselves. Which is interesting to me especially because when I joined the IndieWeb community I was hiding my surname on purpose. I want to reflect a bit more on the "one true version" and read what others have written on the topic before I share how I navigate these waters.

I learned a lot throughout the editing process. Frederick O'Brien really helped me make it much nicer compared to my first draft! The posts in this blog will never be as nice and polished as that one. So don't get used to that tone. Also, for the first time in my life I was asked what is the pronunciation of my last name: it is roo-dree-guhsh (I had to look up) - so thank you Fred!

A big thank you as well to my husband, Hactar friends and friends that read it before I sent it over. And, finally, thank you to everyone who took some minutes to message me, like it or share it. I am still very anxious and I really appreciate all the kindness.

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