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Another round of bookmarks

I had not realised it had been 805 days since my last bookmarks roundup. 805 days. This section is still one of the most visited parts of my little web corner.

It's been so long that I have accumulated an intimidating number of bookmarks. On the other hand, I did go on maternity leave and stayed away from the tech world for a while. I started the draft for this post in May 2023, and here I am, on January 2024, finally sharing it. It's a good thing that for the past few weeks, people have been talking a bit more about their bookmarks, and because I want to move to a system of individual link sharing rather than bulk, I needed to get this batch out of the way.

This post will mostly include links from 2022 - things I bookmarked while on maternity leave. It's great to revisit these because I have no memories of that time.

I hope to get another batch of bookmarks from May 2023 out soon, and then I will move on to add them individually. I mentioned before somewhere in these posts, but adding them as a batch isn't working for me right now. I used to do it monthly, but if it is a month that I bookmark a lot, it will be a long post to curate. Right now, this format takes me at least one hour to create. I could switch to a weekly post but must integrate it into my routine. Maybe forcing a time slot every Friday morning or something. I also like the idea of individual link posts so that I can add tags and get back to them quickly.

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