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Exploring the Potential of the Web Speech API in Karaoke

Isn't it frustrating when the song you want isn't available at karaoke? Let's see if we can solve this. We will look at the current state of the Web Speech API, see what's possible, what isn't and what we have to look forward to.


A talk about blogging

At the time, I changed the title of this talk depending on the event, but the jist was: a talk that would cover my experience with blogging, the communities that will support you and how to battle the self-doubt and fears that can get in the way of creating your own personal playground. These were talks about how you could write about what you want and not be afraid about not being innovative or cool.

I converted them into a blog post called "Blogging and Me". I gave this talk in three different formats: automatic slides every 15 seconds (20 slides meaning 5 minutes on stage), a regular lightning talk (10 minutes) and a long talk (between 20 and 30 minutes).


Feedback and mentions

Tweet from View Source Conf: “Why do we hesitate to publish? It feels very high stakes, since it highlights all our fears. But these fears are part of your personality. @ohhelloana giving a lightning talk at #ViewSource ”

Tweet from Evgenia Grinblo: “Another brave and badass talk, by @ohhelloana who’s touching on sense of self, shame, people-pleasing and career progression. What a night at @todo_london!”

Tweet from Dora: “Touched by @ohhelloana talking about impostor syndrome and peer pressure on social media — starting a career in tech is hard #canrelate #todomeetup”

Tweet from Lorenzo: “This evening's @ReactJSgirls was a good meetup, and damn @ohhelloana's talk about blogging was just so good. I connected so much with her experience of blogs - I was 🤗 and 🤯 and 🤩”