Website credits and thank yous

This website is hosted by Netlify, somehow for free.

The "tape" effect and drawn border were found in this super neat codepen by Olivia Ng. And I wish I could say that I also did the paper pattern for the background from scratch but I didn't. I got it from Hero Patterns.

I drew my current header on a post-it and Tayo, the coolest, traced it for me. I now am the proud owner of an Ipad so I will never have to bother her again for this.

In the past this blog was a self hosted Wordpress blog and later converted to Jekyll. As of 2020 it is using 11ty and because I had no idea what I was doing a few times, I looked up Hylia a lot.

You can visit this blog's work in progress in the projects section of the repo.

This is a constant work in progress. If you encounter any accessibility issues, please let me know and I will do what I can to fix them as soon as possible.

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What is this section for?

This page is also a work in progress - but I am planning to capture here all the decisions I make regarding this website. Come back soon for a more polished layout and organisation!

The guestbook

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Currently the guestbook is showing entries submitted via Webmention. Webmentions are then picked up by, so in theory it should pick up some mentions from social medias like Twitter and Mastodon.

My Webmentions are currently possible because of I've been debating for a while and I decided to request my Webmentions on demand (by this I mean requesting them via Javascript on page load). There's a lot of people who have created super cool solutions to cache and save Webmentions for Eleventy but for now this is my preferred solution. This is mostly because in the end of the day this is a static website and I don't build my website frequently enough to get the latest status of my Webmentions. Also time and data storage concerns.

In the future, I would like my guestbook to also allow form submission using a similar proccess shared in the CSS Tricks article "JAMstack Comments".