Privacy policy

I care about privacy and hope the following explains everything the website does. Contact me if you have any questions.


I am currently using Cabin for my analytics. It is a privacy-first, carbon-conscious web analytics service. The only information I can see is the number of hits, top pages visited, referrals, bounce rate, countries, languages, devices, desktop and screen size, browsers, OS, and attention.

Every once in a while, I remove analytics entirely, but my main goal is to use the referrals to discover other websites.

Third party resources

For posts involving code, I use PrismJs, a syntax highlighter. I also use to receive webmentions. Although I do not display them in articles for now, I show them in my guestbook. Contact me if you'd like your web mentions deleted.

Form submissions

Netlify handles form submissions. The content of these forms is only read by me and stays stored in Netlify's dashboard. I do not have access to any other info besides the content of the form, nor can I match it with the analytics from Cabin. I also do not share the content of the form submissions. I may use the email provided in the form to reply to the author of the form submission.


Cookies are not used for functional or tracking purposes, and I do not use third-party cookies.