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People and Blogs interview

Some weeks ago, I was so privileged to have been invited to chat about myself and my blog at Manu's new series, People and Blogs. I really enjoyed following someone else's prompts. I never rationalised some decisions about this blog out loud, so it was a fascinating exercise.

Since then, I've been thinking about how I need to bring my bookmarks back, how my voice and thoughts matter to me and how I need to branch off and read more from people who don't work in tech.

I've been trying hard for the last few months to find a balance between work, my mental health, quality family time and returning to the tech community after maternity leave, but I haven't made much space to write here.

On a related note, Matthias Ott has a new newsletter called Own Your Web, and recently, Matthias asked, "If you have a personal website: how did it change your life?". I replied with: "@matthiasott oh! Things I've been invited to do were because of my website, especially articles and interviews. Also writing, quoting and linking to other people's work on my website has led me to actually meeting them in person later on in conferences which is lovely."

This reflection and my interview with Manu make me want to hug my blog.

Check the whole series because reading everyone else's interviews has given me so much joy!

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