A drawing of Ana holding a phone and taking a photo of a cat who is washing itself. The cat says, suprised, oh, hello Ana.


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March bookmarks

This “bookmarking” format doesn’t seem to be working for me because of the way I am doing this. It also seems that I am bookmarking more and more things and I leave all the bookmarks to the last days of the month. I feel like I don’t have enough time to give them proper treatment. I want to share my favourite quotes and my opinions on them and this method seems rushed. I might go back to my original plan of doing them every two weeks.

I have also decided to split between tech and non-tech related articles because I feel that the amount should be the same (and it currently isn’t).

Also this month went by too quickly. Too quickly.

Bookmarks from March

Non-tech articles

Tech related content

Things that made me smile one way or another

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