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In Bruges

Bruges Bruges Bruges Bruges

Bruges is a small city in Belgium it might be a little bit more known because of the movie In Bruges but it is also a very popular destination for a small romantic break. In every canal and chocolate shops there is a piece of history and it is really easy to fall in love with the city.

Recommended bars and restaurants:

Recommended activities:

  • Belfort (I have vertigo so I couldn't go to the very top - but I recommend! PS.: everyone who is under 26 has a discount);
  • Historium (immersive experience! Great to learn about Bruge's history. PS.: our hotel gave us a map that included a discount for this tour);
  • Horseback carriage (find them in the main square. They will take you on a romantic tour to the old city - 44€);

Since our visit was in November, the canal boat tours were not operating but the city was full of Christmas decorations and Christmas markets (which made the city even more beautiful). Sadly it is a very expensive city and it is very easy to spend a lot of money (especially in food and souvenirs).

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