A drawing of Ana holding a phone and taking a photo of a cat who is washing itself. The cat says, suprised, oh, hello Ana.


Jottings from Ana Rodrigues

I want it all but, it is impossible

I want to read all the newsletters I subscribed to.

I want to read everything in the ten web dev community slacks I joined.

I want to read everything on the seven Discord servers I am on.

I want to read every blog post in the hundreds of feeds I follow.

I want to read every toot of the people I follow on Mastodon.

I want to find more people to follow.

I want to ensure I didn’t miss your cool and happy announcement.

I want to attend your conference/meet-up virtually.

I want to watch your livestream and support you.

I want to view the videos in the archive of this conference that I missed in person.

I want to listen to that audiobook that I’ve had for months.

I want to listen to your podcast.

But I need to work and live life outside of consumption and entertainment.

And then worry that I am behind.

Then, I worry that I must apply the latest knowledge and wisdom, but I probably have missed it.

And worry that pals could think that I ignored them.

I want it all, but it is impossible.

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