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Catching up on my bookmarks

The thing about loss is that it just doesn't seem to end. It gets easier though. One day you wake you and you're feeling fine but one insignificant action somehow opens the gates for the sadness to creep in. And then that's it. The floodgates open and the tears come out.

If I thought the last months of 2020 were somewhat hard, January really proved me wrong. I do regret that I neglected my monthly bookmarks post. I've been wondering if I should start sharing the bookmarks individually like some folks do so that it doesn't pile up. I will think about it.

I'm sure I accidentally missed some bookmarks - a consequence of delaying sharing them. I hope that I can catch up on my missed bookmarks in my next post. It is also likely that I accidentally missed some posts from friends. Being online hasn't been a priority for me.

Take care friends.

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