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Bookmarks of 2018

A while back Twitter stopped allowing users to access all their likes unless they paid for it. This means that I have officially lost access to things I liked. Before they released their bookmark feature, I was using the "likes" feature as a bookmark to read later. I know it wasn't ideal and it was pretty lazy of me and it obviously backfired. I clearly haven't learnt my lessons and I started to use their bookmark feature instead of something else. If I learnt anything from this experience is that I shouldn't completely trust this free feature.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, some people started to post their bookmarks on their website to save them forever. I like that idea but I wouldn't necessarly like to see the exact same implementation on my blog and social media accounts. In my old blogs I used to have "link packs" similar to what Swiss Miss has in their blog and I also enjoy newsletters that do the same. I like to have time to read things and leave my own comments and be in control of how it looks like in my blog.

Because of all this, I decided to do a clean up of my Twitter bookmarks. I know I have other bookmarks spread around my browser and slack and I will try to include those in this post too. From now on, I intend to do link packs every week or every two weeks and will add those to my bookmarks collection page (this page is a work in progress).

(some) Bookmarks of 2018

Between all these there were a lot of favourited tweets, codepens, videos, instagrams. So many. I know I missed quite a few bookmarks too. Hopefully by having a weekly or bi-weekly compilation I can be more granular and also share lots of content not related to web development.

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