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Attending IndieWebCamp Brighton

I am excited to attend IndieWebCamp Brighton in less than a month! I already booked my non-refundable hotel, which felt very nerve-wracking!

The last time I tried to attend an IndieWebCamp, I ended up cancelling my trip last minute because childcare plans fell through.

But Brighton is near where I live, so hopefully, all will go well this time. I'm super looking forward to meeting people from the community and having some dedicated time to work on my little blog! I know that technically, this could have been an RSVP type of post, so it's one more thing for my backlog of things to improve around here.

I'm really thankful to Paul Robert Lloyd for taking the initiative to organise this. If you need any more convincing, Paul has written a more compelling introduction to the event on his blog.

Learn more about the event and RSVP on the event page.

See you there?

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