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April was an interesting month. This year hasn't been great for me because, for the first time, I really can't control my anxiety. Everything I can't control have been draining me in a way that I never experienced before. Those close to me know I've been struggling a lot daily and it sucks. This month I took nearly two weeks off from work and it made me realise how much anxiety I have on a normal day. While I was on holidays I barely used social media or the news and to no one's surprise, my anxiety went down by a lot. And guess what? I didn't miss out much on tech. Was a new shiny tech thing out? Cool, I will look at it when and if I need it.

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I need to re-think this section. I really see and save a lot of memes per month on Instagram and TikTok. Not sure if all memes are worth sharing but I'd like this to be a "interesting/wholesome" section.